Downloading Viber for PC with Windows & Mac

Today, we are here with another post about free downloading Viber for PC or Windows Computer. Basically, we have given out two methods in this post with the help of which you will be able to download and use Viber on PC easily for free.

Viber is a good android application letting you, to call your friends absolutely free from your android, blackberry, Windows or Symbian mobile phones.

But to make it possible your friend must have Android, Blackberry, Windows or Symbian phone and both of you should be equipped with internet connections.

Recently, Viber for Computer (Windows) as well as MAC is released which is available for free downloading form the official website.Download Viber for PC

Features of Viber for PC (Windows & MAC)

Below, I have given some of the best and well-known features while you use Viber on PC.

  • Free Domestic and International calling: You and your friend just need an internet connection to make calls to each other through Viber completely free.
  • Simple to use: This application is very simple to use. It also tells you about recent call history and all other call related data.
  • Group conversions are supported: Many people can talk at one go using Viber.

Now, below I have given the whole guide on how to download Viber for PC or Computer version which is available for MAC and Windows Operating system easily.

Download Viber for PC or Computer [Method #1]

Above only I told you that they have officially released the latest Viber for Windows & MAC Computer which is official application on their official site.Viber for PC Desktop

One of the best feature of using Viber on PC is that you will be able to make free calls to other user which is using any other device, not only free calling but users will b e able to do free video calling and texts too.

So, above given link will help you to download Viber into your Computer system. The installation steps are very easy so I didn’t consider to mention it here. I hope you already know how to install basic application or software.

How to Download & Install Viber on PC [Method #2]

Now, you didn’t like the above mentioned method of Downloading Viber for PC? then below I have given another working method which enables you to use the same user interference as you enjoy in your Android mobile as we are going to emulate its android file only.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks app. Run the software and search for “APP Search” option and search Viber on it.
  2. Once you find it, just click on “Download Viber on Computer” and install it via Bluestacks.
  3. By clicking on Viber icon in the main BlueStacks interface run the app.
  4. A welcome screen will appear, just click on “Continue”Viber for PC Download

Now you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Enter your current mobile number and click Continue button. Then you will receive an access code to your mobile number through SMS. This access code should be entered in the box provided.

If you do not receive the message within 60 seconds then you should click ‘click here’ option. Now an automated call will be made to your phone which will speak the access code. Enter the access code and click ‘Enter Viber’, its now activated.

Viber for PC

How to use Viber for PC Version?

You might have seen that Viber for PC is now working but no contact appear in the contact list in next screen. Now you need to install contact app. Quit out Viber and click icon of BlueStacks at the bottom of the screen to go to its home page. From The App Search, search an app called ‘Go Contacts Ex’. After finding it, install it.

  1. By clicking the icon of Go Contacts Ex app, open it.
  2. Now enter the contacts of person using Viber in your Known’s by clicking ‘+” icon.
  3. Just enter name and number of your relatives carefully and other fields might be left blank.
  4. After adding the contacts, all the contacts appear in Go Contact Ex menu.
  5. Now go to Viber for PC and quit GO Contact Ex app. The contacts you have added will appear in Viber’s Contacts Tab.
  6. Now click to person’s name who you want to make free call or send free message. For making call click Free Call button and make sure you are wearing Headphones with mike.
  7. Your call is made and now you can talk to the person.


Its all done, now you must be enjoying using Viber on PC or Windows Computer. If you faced any type of problem or issue while downloading Viber for PC application then please do comment and we will get to you as soon as possible. Till that time stay updated with us!

Android Skype 4.0 for free Download [APK]

Friends, I wanna tell you that now you can download Skype 4.0 for Android and that too Skype 4.0 APK file which is not available any where. Downloading this version will help you to enjoy more clear voice quality during live calls, texts and much more thing which you never imagined.

The best thing about Skype is that you can easily call your friends, relatives, friends, etc and can also enjoy texts, video calling, etc all these things make this app very worthy enough to use.

Over 200 Million people use Skype all over the work and out of those about 100 Million are Android mobile users only. So you can understand how many people might have already downloaded Skype 4.0 on Android. So you must download this new version by android 4.0 for pc

According to the reviews there is not much changes in the new version i.e Skype 4.0 Android version but still there are fixes to some of the bugs which was their in the previous version.

Features of Skype 4.0 Android :

Well, after downloading Skype 4.0 you will make conversation a much lot faster than previous. Also the hanging problem which was seen in previous version is fixed now. No more connection problem while doing video calls and a lot things have improved now.

  • Make Voice and Video Calls much faster.
  • Enjoy texts with one another
  • Improved speed while using
  • A much more user friendly
  • Almost free from all the bugs
  • And many such other features

So those were some of the top most features and now its time to download Skype 4.0 on Android, please keep on android 4.0 free

Download Skype 4.0 for Android from Google Play Store

Please follow the below given link to direct download Skype 4.0 for Android. I have already mentioned the features of this new version and so now you can directly download it from the official source i.e Google Play Store.

After downloading you need to install it into your Android mobile phone. I hope you already know the steps which you need to install any Android application. Also I have given out the Skype 4.0 APK file below.

Ok, got it you have read it enough and now its time to download this awesome app into your mobile phone, I will not take your much time now, Below I have given out link, check that out.

Download Skype 4.0 for Android [Official Link]

So by now you must have downloaded this app and below I have given out the Skype 4.0 APK file which you can directly download.

  • Skype 4.0 APK File

In future we are expecting more nice updates so that people will be benefit by it.

skype android 4.0

What you can do with Skype 4.0 :

See what official website says!

  • Send and receive instant messages for free.
  • Free face to face video and voice calls over a 3G or WiFi connection.
  • Low cost calls and text messages to mobiles and landlines.
  • Send photos, videos and files of any size for free.
  • Send a message you can see, hear and feel with video messaging.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you faced any type of problem then please don’t hesitate to comment here.

Download Google Drive for Windows, Mac and Android

Today we are going to cover post about Google Drive for MAC and Windows Computer.

Google Drive for PC lets you to store and access your file from anywhere – on the web, on your hard disk, or on the go. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by the giant search engine. It was released on April 24, 2012.

Google Drive for MAC or Windows lets you to store and access your file from anywhere. It gives a 5 GB space for starters. As the disk space increase you have to pay some fee for it. Its available in different subscription plans giving you different online storage capacity.

It simply behaves like any other folder on your computer. You can drag files in and out of the folder, rename files, move files and folders around, edit, save and delete. Most of the files and folders in your Google Drive folder are available even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Google drive for android

To use Google Drive on MAC you need to have a Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account then you can create your online drive and can create and download Google Drive for Windows PC.

Download Google Drive for Mac Desktop

One can use Google Drive on Windows PC as well as MAC OS X. You can download theGoogle Drive on Mac from the official site. For Mac, you should have the following operating system:-

  1. Mountain Lion (10.8)
  2. Lion (10.7)
  3. Snow Leopard (10.6)

Now if you are Windows Computer operating system then you can follow the below given post and get the download for the same.

Google Drive for Windows Computer Free Download

To have Google Drive on Windows PC, you need to have one of the following OS

  1. Windows XP/Vista
  2. Windows 7/8

Your Account will be associated with Google Drive on your PC.

Now below we have given out the download link for using this software or application in your Android as well as iPhone, iPad smartphones.

Google Drive for Android & iPhone

Now, if you have any of this mobile phone then you can easily download Google Drive for Android and iPhone from the links given below.

Those above given links for the app is the from official website as its against our own policy to give any third-party link, so you can always feel 100% safe using any of the download link given in any of our article or post as well as drive for pc

How to use Google Drive on Mac & Windows PC?

We have already given the download link above so that you can directly download Google Drive on your Computer system and now here I will be guiding you on how to use this offline onto your system.

After downloading it, you need to install it into your system, its very easy to do so I haven’t described the steps here, after installation they will ask you to connect your Gmail account with the app, just do it by entering the account details and you are done.

So Friends, I hope you enjoyed this article on How to Download Google Drive for Mac & Windows PC or Computer so that was the whole detailed post on it. Please drop your comment here.

Download eBuddy Mobile Messenger for PC

Today we are here with new post about free download eBuddy Mobile Messenger for Android, Nokia, Blackberry, etc which is the great social networking application.

Before going deep into the article and downloading eBuddy Mobile Messenger for your Smartphone. Let me start the post with a short introduction.

Now I’m going to talk about eBuddy messenger app here. This app let you do unlimited free messaging to all your friends via social networks like Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo, Live, etc. Its very much good news for you guys as you can free download eBuddy Mobile Messenger for Android, Nokia, Blackberry and other mobile phones.

Now, not taking your much time let we get into the article where I have given you the download links.ebuddy

eBuddy Mobile Messenger for Android Free Download

The orange color messaging app is back on android and its UI is extremely impressive. The only feature it is missing is messaging without using any social network i.e. direct messaging but if you want to use social networking messaging on your android phone then download eBuddy mobile messenger for android for free and start using it.

  • Download eBuddy Mobile Messenger for Android (APK) from Google Store

It will allow you doing messages to all your social networks right from one box. It also supports emoticons and emotions that mean you can use graphics too while messaging with your close friend. Complete features of eBuddy Mobile Messenger app are absolutely free and you must try it out on your android phone.

How to Install eBuddy Mobile Messenger in Nokia, Blackberry, etc

This app is still available for Nokia phones and also the smartphones. Nokia smartphones operates on Symbian platform and eBuddy is very well working on that. If your Nokia phone features GPRS and JAVA then you can download eBuddy mobile messenger app for free.

All its features are common and available in Nokia app too which I’ve already discussed in the android section. That means you can do messaging to all your social networks for free and that too instantaneously. In short, eBuddy is the perfect app for Nokia phone users if they want best messaging app.eBuddy Mobile Messenger

  • Download eBuddy for Nokia (Official Link)

For Blackberry:

Now coming to the BlackBerry, this app is also available for BlackBerry devices and that too for free. That means you can get all free messaging features right there on your BlackBerry smartphone. But this app isn’t available for BlackBerry 10 OS running smartphones till now.

  • eBuddy Messenger for Blackberry Smartphone

In order to download this app for your BlackBerry smartphone, go to and search for “eBuddy” term. You will see download link very soon in the results and it will get installed automatically after downloading.

eBuddy app requires two technical features, one is JAVA enable phone or android or BlackBerry smartphone and second one is the data connection.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any type of issue then please do comment and let us know about the article on free downloading eBuddy Mobile Messenger for Nokia, Android and other mobile phones.

Download Opera 15 For Windows 7/8 and Mac

Today we are here with latest news that Opera 15 Final is officially released and you can directly download Opera 15 final next from the official website

This time Opera web browser has been redesigned and reinvented completely. Opera 15 Next Version is now based on Chromium source code which is the same source code on which Google Chrome has been built.

Opera has been earlier known for its browsing speed that fast faster than any other browser available few years back but after the launch of Google Chrome, the title of fastest web browser went on to Chrome.

Now developers have used the Chromium source code and used their own technologies to develop a web browser which is even faster than Chrome. In general you won’t find any difference between the speeds of both browsers but practically Opera 15 Final is faster than current version of Google Chrome.opera browser

Opera 15 Final Next Official Review

When I heard that Opera has released a new version based on chromium source code then I downloaded the new version and installed it on my PC.

The software got installed within 3 clicks and it too just about 10 seconds. Amazing, huh?

I got amazed with the installation speed of Opera 15 Final. In starting I didn’t believed that it got installed and I cross checked that. So right now it’s the fastest web browser available for PC.

The features are all there which you must have seen in the Opera browser for Android which was launched in the last month. It got new speed dial, new search or URL entering bar, new bookmark feature named Stash, top stories and Off rode mode.


The off rode mode will let you surf the internet on low bandwidth i.e. saving your valuable data.

There are lots of extensions too in the add-on gallery of the browser and I found all the popular extensions already sitting there. With time, the number of add-ons will increase further for sure.

Everything I was doing in the browser was working like a flash in it and really this browser is the fastest browser now.opera browser for pc

Download Opera 15 Final Version Here

Whether you got Windows PC or Mac or Linux running PC or laptop, Opera 15 final is available for all.

It’s a mail client which is designed with a clean UI and all required tools are there. I didn’t try it till now but I’ll definitely have my hands on it soon.

So, are you looking for the best alternative to Google Chrome?

Opera 15 Next is the one which you should try for once and I’m sure that you’ll definitely get amazed. And I hope by now you must have used and downloaded this fastest browser into your computer.

Please stay updated with us for more future updates about free downloads and much more. Till that time good bye and happy browsing.

WeChat for Computer download free Android

WeChat for PC Free Download

Today we are going to cover topic on WeChat for PC or Computer Version which is now unofficially available for Windows 7/8 as well as Windows XP and MAC OS X operating system. WeChat is a great application in Android market which allows you to chat with your buddies if you have a working Internet connection.

And now, you can always use WeChat on PC easily with the guide which is given in  this post.

Visit the official website here:

wechat for pc

About WeChat for PC and Android, iPhone,Nokia (Short Introduction)

WeChat offers services like texts, voice messages, video calls, etc. More than 300 million people today have registered here. WeChat service is fast, and reliable. It helps you to remain connected to your other friends already using this app. It is easy to use, and has a good interface for simple understanding .In this post, we’ll tell you how to use WeChat for PC easily.

WeChat is available for Android, Nokia, iPhone (iOS), Blackberry, Windows Phone.wechat app bluestack computer

Free Download WeChat for PC (Windows & MAC)

To use WeChat on PC please do follow below given steps and please I request you all not to skip any step out here as all the steps are very much important.

    1. Download the Bluestacks software from official website.
    2. Once the download is complete, double click the setup file to install Bluestacks.
    3. Follow the prompts; accept the license terms and agreements to complete the installation.
    4. Download the WeChat for PC or Computer (.APK file) file Google Play Store using this link
    5. Once the download is complete, you need to open the file using Bluestacks.
    6. The app will automatically get installed over Bluestacks software, and you’ll get an environment similar to your native Android Device.
    7. You can now enjoy and use WeChat on PC easily (Windows as well as MAC Computer)
    8. If you do not wish to download the file from above link, you have another option. Once you have installed Bluestacks, open it, and search for WeChat app. You may download and install the file from that software itself.wechat

Some of the features of WeChat for Computer are:

      • Crystal clear voice as well as video calls (subject to PC hardware)
      • Instant messaging in group chats, and beautiful smileys.
      • Send photos, and videos with a simple click
      • Available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Download WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry

Well you can always download WeChat application from the official website here.

Below we have given out the download links of Android, Nokia as well as iPhone and all the smartphone which are available in the market.

Note : We respect the DCMA & Google Adsense Policy, We never link any app, software to the third-party website, we always link it to the official and respective authority website only. So that we always take 100% of that, that these applications are from the official source only!

      • WeChat for Android Download
      • iPhone
      • Blackberry
      • Nokia
      • Windows Phone

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this post on how to download and use WeChat on PC or Computer easily and if you faced any issue then please do comment here and let us know about it!

Latest Version of Skype for Free Calls

Skype was recently purchased by Microsoft and the latest version lets you make free phone calls online is Skype  While there are many applications like Oovoo that let individuals communicate with one another via Internet phone or video conference Skype is by far the most popular with over 32 million users and that number is growing fast.

Additional Features of Skype:

With Skype Besides Having The Ability To Make Free Phone Calls Online Include –

With the latest version of Skype  you can make free phone calls online to other users and if you purchase a  subscription plan or Pay As You Go you can call telephones all over the world.  These subscription plans are really affordable with most plans starting at the $2.99 price per month for calls to the U.S.

skype subscriptionplans

Subscriptions and Facilities with Skype:

If I Buy One Of These Subscriptions Am I Able To Make Free Phone Calls Online To Everywhere In The U.S. ?

You are able to call everywhere in the U.S. but there is a fair usage policy in place to prevent people from abusing the subscription plan.  There is a limit to 50 calls to unique telephone numbers per day, you can speak as long as you want to but you cannot make more than 50 unique calls a day. The reason this fair usage policy is in place is to stop telemarketing firms and small businesses from abusing the subscription model. Businesses can use Skype to make free calls to other  users but they need to purchase  credit if they want to call landlines.

When I Make Free Telephone Calls Is There A Way For People To Call Me Back ?

If you sign up for the SkypeIn service you can get a dedicated telephone number from a variety of different countries and states. This is great for individuals who travel often, you can purchase a SkypeIn number so family and friends can call you and not have to pay any long distance.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using This Software ?

The only limiting factor when using Skype is your Internet connection, if you have a really fast connection then you should have a great overall experience making telephone and video calls over the Internet.  Aside from Internet connection Skype will meet all of your communication needs and there are versions for all operating systems so there is no excuse for you to not use Skype. Download Skype now  and try all of the features, you are going to have a blast making calls for free.

If you are running Windows 8 the following video will show you how to install the Skype App.  After the you have installed the app you can make free phone calls right away just make sure your webcam and mic are attached to your computer so everything works fine.