Free Cut The Rope For PC Download (Windows)

Today we are going to write about Cut The Rope for PC Game Download which is another popular game fro Android and now Cut The Rope Computer Version is also available for you to download.

Introduction : Cut The Rope for Windows Computer :

After rocking the Android World, the little monster Om Nom has finally prepared to land on your PC. With only candies in mind, this little monster will provide you with your familiar mobile type interface and will entertain you to the fullest.

Cut the Rope for PC game has been quite popular in Android marketplace and has ruled over for more than an year. The addictive game is a perfect time pass and will give you a perfect refreshing break from your scheduled routine life.

Cut The Rope for PC Game can be installed on your PC which was originally used for mobile phones only, or even played online on official cut the rope website, thanks to the new HTML5.cut the rope

Free Download Cut the Rope for PC or Computer

To install Cut the rope for PC, please follow each and every step which is given in this article and it will help you out to play Cut The Rope Game into your Computer system too (Windows as well as MAC)

  1. Download Cut The Rope for PC (Windows Computer)
  2. Mac Users may get the setup file from this link
  3. Install the setup file on your computer.
  4. After the installation is done you will be able to play Cut The Rope game on your PC

Minimum PC requirements are as follows:

  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX Version: 9.0c or above
  • Processor: Pentium 1.8 GHz, or better
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Download Size: 139 MBcut the rope for android

Cut The Rope Game for Android & iphone

You may enjoy this addictive game on your iOS or Android based device.

  • Download Cut The Rope for Android
  • Cut The Rope game for iPhone users

Above given were the links to play the game onto your mobile phone which will help to enjoy the same game into your mobile, most of the people have already played it but if you are new then you can try it out on mobile first.cut the rope for pc

How to Play Cut The Rope for PC online free

With the new HTML5 now available, you may even play the game online without any installation or downloads. All you got to do is to connect your PC to internet, visit the official website of Cut the Rope PC, and start enjoying.

You just have to visit the above given link and you will be able to play the same game completely online without any downloading process, isn’t it cool? It is! So friends what you are waiting for, just go for it.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any problem or want to share your own views then please do comment about free downloading Cut The Rope for PC or Windows Computer and always stay updated with us!

Free Motorola PC suite for Windows Computer

Motorola PC Suite for windows is a free utility tool that is used for connecting and controlling the mobiles from PC or laptop running Windows OS (7/8/XP). The Motorola PC Suite for Windows download is available for free and you don’t need to pay anything to use it.

Before providing you access to download Motorola PC Suite for Windows let me take you the feature section of the free utility tool.motorola pc suite windows

Free Motorola PC Suite for Windows Features

I’ve got Motorola ROKR E8 device that was really impressive and a unique mobile phone every made. I seriously like this mobile as it amazes everyone who see it. Well, I’ve been using the Motorola PC Suite for quite years so I can tell you the features of this tool

  • I used the tool mostly to connect to the internet via my mobile phone. Yes, you can use your mobile phone as a modem and using that, your PC or laptop will be connected to internet. The speed offered in such way is better than Nokia mobile phones.
  • The next thing I liked about this tool is that it was having a backup tool using which I can take backup of SMS, Contacts and all the files and folders stored on my mobile phone. This feature is really handy in case you lose all your files and contacts due to phone reset or due to any other reason.
  • The Motorola PC Suite for Windows tool can also be used to transfer files from your PC to mobile phone and vice versa. The speed thus comes is greater than the traditional way because the PC suite by Motorola is developed in order to make processing faster.
  • There was one more exciting feature using which animated GIF images can be created that can be used to send as MMS to our friends and families. You can add audio as well to the GIF images and thus they became a better MMS.
  • You can also use the Motorola PC Suite for Windows to connect your deice to PC via Bluetooth.
  • The tool is bit heavier than any other PC suite you may have used but it comes with a great UI and all the tools are the one which are really required by the user. You can toggle up some settings as well of the Motorola PC Suite itself.motorola pc suite

So, these were the features of the free Motorola PC Suite for Windows and as I promised in starting that I’ll be providing you the download link to get the PC suite for free so here I go keeping my promise.

Motorola PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP Download free

Yes, you can get this utility and very important tool for free. You don’t need to pay anything for that. Here is the download link that you’ve to follow to get that tool on your PC.motorola pc suite for pc

Once it get downloaded then install it and don’t worry installation is easy.

So guys, now the topic is over and you got your Motorola tool download for free. Don’t forget to share the article on Facebook and do comment if you have any problem with the tool.

WeChat for Computer download free Android

WeChat for PC Free Download

Today we are going to cover topic on WeChat for PC or Computer Version which is now unofficially available for Windows 7/8 as well as Windows XP and MAC OS X operating system. WeChat is a great application in Android market which allows you to chat with your buddies if you have a working Internet connection.

And now, you can always use WeChat on PC easily with the guide which is given in  this post.

Visit the official website here:

wechat for pc

About WeChat for PC and Android, iPhone,Nokia (Short Introduction)

WeChat offers services like texts, voice messages, video calls, etc. More than 300 million people today have registered here. WeChat service is fast, and reliable. It helps you to remain connected to your other friends already using this app. It is easy to use, and has a good interface for simple understanding .In this post, we’ll tell you how to use WeChat for PC easily.

WeChat is available for Android, Nokia, iPhone (iOS), Blackberry, Windows Phone.wechat app bluestack computer

Free Download WeChat for PC (Windows & MAC)

To use WeChat on PC please do follow below given steps and please I request you all not to skip any step out here as all the steps are very much important.

    1. Download the Bluestacks software from official website.
    2. Once the download is complete, double click the setup file to install Bluestacks.
    3. Follow the prompts; accept the license terms and agreements to complete the installation.
    4. Download the WeChat for PC or Computer (.APK file) file Google Play Store using this link
    5. Once the download is complete, you need to open the file using Bluestacks.
    6. The app will automatically get installed over Bluestacks software, and you’ll get an environment similar to your native Android Device.
    7. You can now enjoy and use WeChat on PC easily (Windows as well as MAC Computer)
    8. If you do not wish to download the file from above link, you have another option. Once you have installed Bluestacks, open it, and search for WeChat app. You may download and install the file from that software itself.wechat

Some of the features of WeChat for Computer are:

      • Crystal clear voice as well as video calls (subject to PC hardware)
      • Instant messaging in group chats, and beautiful smileys.
      • Send photos, and videos with a simple click
      • Available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Download WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry

Well you can always download WeChat application from the official website here.

Below we have given out the download links of Android, Nokia as well as iPhone and all the smartphone which are available in the market.

Note : We respect the DCMA & Google Adsense Policy, We never link any app, software to the third-party website, we always link it to the official and respective authority website only. So that we always take 100% of that, that these applications are from the official source only!

      • WeChat for Android Download
      • iPhone
      • Blackberry
      • Nokia
      • Windows Phone

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this post on how to download and use WeChat on PC or Computer easily and if you faced any issue then please do comment here and let us know about it!

Latest Version of Skype for Free Calls

Skype was recently purchased by Microsoft and the latest version lets you make free phone calls online is Skype  While there are many applications like Oovoo that let individuals communicate with one another via Internet phone or video conference Skype is by far the most popular with over 32 million users and that number is growing fast.

Additional Features of Skype:

With Skype Besides Having The Ability To Make Free Phone Calls Online Include –

With the latest version of Skype  you can make free phone calls online to other users and if you purchase a  subscription plan or Pay As You Go you can call telephones all over the world.  These subscription plans are really affordable with most plans starting at the $2.99 price per month for calls to the U.S.

skype subscriptionplans

Subscriptions and Facilities with Skype:

If I Buy One Of These Subscriptions Am I Able To Make Free Phone Calls Online To Everywhere In The U.S. ?

You are able to call everywhere in the U.S. but there is a fair usage policy in place to prevent people from abusing the subscription plan.  There is a limit to 50 calls to unique telephone numbers per day, you can speak as long as you want to but you cannot make more than 50 unique calls a day. The reason this fair usage policy is in place is to stop telemarketing firms and small businesses from abusing the subscription model. Businesses can use Skype to make free calls to other  users but they need to purchase  credit if they want to call landlines.

When I Make Free Telephone Calls Is There A Way For People To Call Me Back ?

If you sign up for the SkypeIn service you can get a dedicated telephone number from a variety of different countries and states. This is great for individuals who travel often, you can purchase a SkypeIn number so family and friends can call you and not have to pay any long distance.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using This Software ?

The only limiting factor when using Skype is your Internet connection, if you have a really fast connection then you should have a great overall experience making telephone and video calls over the Internet.  Aside from Internet connection Skype will meet all of your communication needs and there are versions for all operating systems so there is no excuse for you to not use Skype. Download Skype now  and try all of the features, you are going to have a blast making calls for free.

If you are running Windows 8 the following video will show you how to install the Skype App.  After the you have installed the app you can make free phone calls right away just make sure your webcam and mic are attached to your computer so everything works fine.

Download Vector for PC/Computer with WIndows

Vector for PC Download : Today we are going to post about free downloading Vector for PC or you can more clearly for Computer available for Windows Operating System.

Have you played Vector on your Android smartphone? Yes? Then you must be thinking to do that on your PC i.e. you looking for Vector for PC, right?

Today, I’m going to share you the right breakfast which you looking for since many days. Yes, I’m going to share the Vector for PC download here and you’ll eat it up pretty comfortably.

If you don’t know what Vector is then let me share you the initial brief description about the Vector game for PC and those who already know what this game all about then you can skip down to download Vector for PC.vector for pc computer

What is Vector for PC?

Vector is a game available at the GooglePlay store that means for the Android smartphones and tablets. The game play is just like Temple Run that means you’ve to run for your life. But the story plot is very different from any other running game.

You’ll be playing a character who wants to be free and so he moves out of his office and starts running. His officials don’t like his leaving so they go after him. Now you’ve to save yourself from your officials and run for your life.

I found the Vector game very interesting and I played it on my HTC One V. Now the question come in mind that if I don’t have an Android smartphone then still can I get Vector for PC?

Let me close the description now and jump on the topicplaying vector on pc

How to Get Vector for PC Download for free?

Yes, you can get this game on your PC and that too for free though the paid version of the game will remain the paid but you can play the free version on your PC for free.

Now here I start with the tutorial on how to get Vector for PC download for free, look out the steps below.

You just need to click the download link provided below and let the file get downloaded on your PC. Don’t worry the Vector for PC download will be absolutely free and I’m already running this game on my PC.

Just choose one download which suits you best.

Once the download is completed then open it out and start playing the game.downloading vector for computer

Download Vector for PC
or Computer

The installation will be all like you’d installed any other software or game till now.

So the breakfast got prepared for you right now. Download Vector for PC and start playing it as the game is really amazing.

Stay tuned to our blog to get more such tricks to install Android games on PC.

Before leaving you, I want to share one more method with you. If you got BlueStacks installed on your computer already then search for the game and then you can play it via BlueStacks.

Those who don’t know what BlueStacks is all about can enjoy the previous method to get Vector for PC.