Download Opera 15 For Windows 7/8 and Mac

Today we are here with latest news that Opera 15 Final is officially released and you can directly download Opera 15 final next from the official website

This time Opera web browser has been redesigned and reinvented completely. Opera 15 Next Version is now based on Chromium source code which is the same source code on which Google Chrome has been built.

Opera has been earlier known for its browsing speed that fast faster than any other browser available few years back but after the launch of Google Chrome, the title of fastest web browser went on to Chrome.

Now developers have used the Chromium source code and used their own technologies to develop a web browser which is even faster than Chrome. In general you won’t find any difference between the speeds of both browsers but practically Opera 15 Final is faster than current version of Google Chrome.opera browser

Opera 15 Final Next Official Review

When I heard that Opera has released a new version based on chromium source code then I downloaded the new version and installed it on my PC.

The software got installed within 3 clicks and it too just about 10 seconds. Amazing, huh?

I got amazed with the installation speed of Opera 15 Final. In starting I didn’t believed that it got installed and I cross checked that. So right now it’s the fastest web browser available for PC.

The features are all there which you must have seen in the Opera browser for Android which was launched in the last month. It got new speed dial, new search or URL entering bar, new bookmark feature named Stash, top stories and Off rode mode.


The off rode mode will let you surf the internet on low bandwidth i.e. saving your valuable data.

There are lots of extensions too in the add-on gallery of the browser and I found all the popular extensions already sitting there. With time, the number of add-ons will increase further for sure.

Everything I was doing in the browser was working like a flash in it and really this browser is the fastest browser now.opera browser for pc

Download Opera 15 Final Version Here

Whether you got Windows PC or Mac or Linux running PC or laptop, Opera 15 final is available for all.

It’s a mail client which is designed with a clean UI and all required tools are there. I didn’t try it till now but I’ll definitely have my hands on it soon.

So, are you looking for the best alternative to Google Chrome?

Opera 15 Next is the one which you should try for once and I’m sure that you’ll definitely get amazed. And I hope by now you must have used and downloaded this fastest browser into your computer.

Please stay updated with us for more future updates about free downloads and much more. Till that time good bye and happy browsing.