Latest Version of Skype for Free Calls

Skype was recently purchased by Microsoft and the latest version lets you make free phone calls online is Skype  While there are many applications like Oovoo that let individuals communicate with one another via Internet phone or video conference Skype is by far the most popular with over 32 million users and that number is growing fast.

Additional Features of Skype:

With Skype Besides Having The Ability To Make Free Phone Calls Online Include –

With the latest version of Skype  you can make free phone calls online to other users and if you purchase a  subscription plan or Pay As You Go you can call telephones all over the world.  These subscription plans are really affordable with most plans starting at the $2.99 price per month for calls to the U.S.

skype subscriptionplans

Subscriptions and Facilities with Skype:

If I Buy One Of These Subscriptions Am I Able To Make Free Phone Calls Online To Everywhere In The U.S. ?

You are able to call everywhere in the U.S. but there is a fair usage policy in place to prevent people from abusing the subscription plan.  There is a limit to 50 calls to unique telephone numbers per day, you can speak as long as you want to but you cannot make more than 50 unique calls a day. The reason this fair usage policy is in place is to stop telemarketing firms and small businesses from abusing the subscription model. Businesses can use Skype to make free calls to other  users but they need to purchase  credit if they want to call landlines.

When I Make Free Telephone Calls Is There A Way For People To Call Me Back ?

If you sign up for the SkypeIn service you can get a dedicated telephone number from a variety of different countries and states. This is great for individuals who travel often, you can purchase a SkypeIn number so family and friends can call you and not have to pay any long distance.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using This Software ?

The only limiting factor when using Skype is your Internet connection, if you have a really fast connection then you should have a great overall experience making telephone and video calls over the Internet.  Aside from Internet connection Skype will meet all of your communication needs and there are versions for all operating systems so there is no excuse for you to not use Skype. Download Skype now  and try all of the features, you are going to have a blast making calls for free.

If you are running Windows 8 the following video will show you how to install the Skype App.  After the you have installed the app you can make free phone calls right away just make sure your webcam and mic are attached to your computer so everything works fine.