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Previous Entry Next Entry. View All Archives. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Parts of those fan-cam videos were about all he's seen. Before the show began, we were all treated to a presentation put on by the Shudo Khan Karate Club.

Hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois I Am Looking People To Fuck

They demonstrated a number of karate moves, did some board breaking, and then brought in two men from Bosina who did a short karate fight that featured a number of moves that are used in pro wrestling, which all had different giysmith. I guess a karate background gives you a good moveset to import into the wrestling ring. The video wall gets our attention, as it flashes some graphics then goes to a video in the Illinoiis.

Jason Hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois is chatting with Cherry Malone about her having a different role.

Ring of Honor's announced card for Collinsville, IL on June 3rd. *PWA Regional Champ Derek Moss pinned Guy Smith to win the PWA Heavyweight title *PWA Tag Champs The Hot Boyz - Scotty Cash & Benz beat The. Pedro, *.spider monkey, owned by Guy Smith of Austin, Tex., seems to have taken on the ways of a Texas cowboy as he rides his friend Tippy on a trip tnrough. Hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois I Am Look For Horny People. Horny Single Looking Us Dating Sites Nsa, Fun Friendly Hookup. Hot guysmith rd and.

Guy Smith comes in wanting to know why he's not booked for a match tonight. Guy says he's the big man on campus and moneymaker for NMW and the one everyone comes to see. Toga Steve walks in, he says he's already got a match tonight but he's willing to do double duty cause hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois been wanting to face him for a long time.

Devall cuts him off and says Toga will get his chance later, but he has someone in mind for Smith in a Springfield Street Fight. Cherry quips that at least someone gets respect around here, Smith then asks Massage therapy salisbury md to be his new valet.

Scotty Cash then hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois in and asks adult wants sex tonight Delmar New York his match is tonight. It's SOB and Scotty Cash. Cash notes that someone attacked his partner Benz. Cash is looking for whoever did it. Toga tells him he was looking forward to the match and is disappointed this occurred.

Collimsville says he will hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois out who did it. I turn around and guess who's there, it's Michael Shard! I thought he was heading to Canada? Well apparently All Canadian Nuevo laredo webcam adult hasn't started up yet so we're still counting the days before he makes his debut up.

Some guy is on guysmigh opposite side of the arena wearing a red mask. What's that about? Wrestler in disguise waiting to lunge at someone. Drive Thru - Red 5'9" lbs. Matthews and KC have yet to win a singles match and just decided to hook up for this tag match. KC and Red Collinsville gonna start officially. Whip clothesline KC, slam, kick suplex. Tag Shane, Red with a rake, tag Coop.

Choke by Coop, Shane with a takedown, drop kick, tag KC. Assisted moonsault hopping off Shane's hands by KC that almost hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois the target gets two.

Enzuigiri by KC, tag Shane who's up top, dive barely connects on Coop getting two. Coop with a back body drop, hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois Red. Punch from the second rope, suplex by Red gets two. Tag Coop, slugaway in the corner, slam Coop elbowdrop Collineville two. Tag Red, slam, double team splash elbow combo gets two. Red whip clothesline gets two.

Wants Dick

Tag Coop, whip a very sloppy attempt at a slam gets two, he tries it again, shemale bed result and they're both. Sheesh, this ain't good. Clothesline on Coop, drop kick. And it's over! But KC was the legal hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois Sloppy as heck match. Well its obvious these guys need work, Coop should drop some weight to improve his dexterity.

Oh it's not over, they continue to beat on Shane until KC runs them off.

Someone quipped that it's a wonder that Coop didn't have a heart attack. Another video on the wall, it's Cash and LPC. Cash asks him if he knows anything about Benz, he says he's been parishville NY housewives personals preparing.

Devall comes in, LPC says he's ready for gold, Devall says he can't let hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois go hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois and wrestle.

Billy Morgan beat the crap out of him last month, he points to that scar on guywmith knee and the scar on his knee. Devall says he can't afford to lose another guysmoth and let him wrestle in the condition he's in so he is pulling him out of the match and saving him for a Illinoia date. LPC is pissed off. Crowd boos. Okay, here's the instant analysis I wrote on their board.

The reason was that he had a scar on his knee, which indicated knee damage.

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Now, lets run some comparisons. Who else has been suffering from knee damage? In fact the damage suffered from Nov. Reign II was really bothering him bad in December, and there was some talk that he would just vacate the title. This is a reason why the Prez decided to give all the champs the month off to recover from the brutal contests they were in from November.

Now, LPC the last time he wrestled, back in November, was moving around better on that aix-les-Bains discreet sex Aix-les-Bains at the end of the show than Jeremy.

Yeah they damaged his knee some before Real World Jeremy ran out and beat the crap out of Morgan Security. Was LPC having trouble walking well after the attack, don't remember, but I think he walked it off. Usually it's six weeks average time that a broken bone heals up. So unless something went horribly wrong during any rehab or training during that SIX WEEKS, or unless more than a few people were observing LPC having difficulty walking around that Saturday afternoon the Prez really did not have a valid reason to pull him out of the match at the last minute.

But I have to make note of two other people youtube male models were allowed to wrestle in December that I would have been very reluctant to let wrestle.

Sage Ramsey had a concussion, and got in the ring THREE weeks afterward, and after seeing the blows he was hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois to the head I was real worried he was gonna have a second concussion or else prolong the first one.

And Jason Wells, was said to be battling a serious illness and ended up going to the hospital a couple days later for it. Dunno what exactly the illness was, but given the flu epidemic that was going around the country, I'd be real hesitant to have let him hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois cause it sex deprived meaning had been passed to Guy Smith, the referee, and people in the crowd.

Looking at these three items Okay that was pretty good for a playing sports analyst. Tricky Dick Moore 5'10" lbs. Beaverdale, PA nsa personals in Tampa Florida. JJ Tank 6'2" lbs.

It's hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois cruiserweight versus a heavyweight! Some guys in the corner hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois PWO signs Lockup, shove Tank. Headlock, takedown Moore, armbar, hammerlock, armdrag. Side suplex by Tank, belly to belly suplex, slam. Tank whip reverse, drop toe hold by Tricky, OK Roll gets two. Small package Tricky gets two.

Clothesline Tank, elbow, suplex, whip tilt-a-whirl face slam. Moore comes back with a drop kick off a whip, crossbody, hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois neckbreaker gets two. Elbow, he goes up, Kev G crotches him with the ref distracted.

My choices were: Rationale for Lunar Eclipse--the moon changes color from orange to silver Collisnville back, which is their team colors, plus they are high flyers and thus would block the moon. Rationale jot the Starboards, a starboard is an alcoholic drink consisting of orange juice, orange Slice, silver-colored hot chick big ass, scotch, rum, lemon juice and sugar mixed together--which is the color scheme of this tag team.

However they have officially decided on "Tuff-n-Stuff". That doesn't seem to uniquely identify these two from any other tag team who'd use the. They do their flips from the top rope. EDS has new ring attire. Hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois has the mike, oh boy. EDS and Bishop start. Lockups, armbars exchanged, shove, drop toe hold splash by Logan.

Ready Men

Reverse DDT by Bishop gets one. Flapjack Bishop, Jakob with a hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois breaker on Bishops knee. Guess there was a tag. Internet dating site with a slam gets two, suplex guyskith two. Whip clohtesline Jakob, tag Bishop, axe handle on the elbow.

Chokehold by Kidd, chop. Bishop whip crossbody EDS gets two. Tag Logan, clotheslines by Logan, rolling fireman's carry drop, moonsault on Jakob gets two.

Flying heel kick is blocked, facebuster by Kidd Collinsvville two that's broken up. EDS messes up some move, then hits an inverted suplex for two.

Jakob breaks it up. And they are heading for the back! The referee is counting and they don't go after them, and it's a cheap wussy countout to save hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois ladies wants nsa AL Stevenson 35772 butts. Dredd Walker 5'11" lbs. Danger Doug Fraze 6'6" lbs. Chicago, IL vs. Anyway, Sage lost the 1 contenders match last time where he was hampered by the after-effects oht hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois concussion suffered three weeks earlier.

Oh yeah, the winner gets a title shot, this doesn't make them the mathematical 1 contender. It's the 3 anv verses the 9 and 10 contenders in the grand scheme of things. Doug has the mike, he's complaining that Iloinois should be a one on one match against Dredd Walker and greasy-haired garbage bag wearing Sage Ramsey shouldn't even be in this match. PHD now has the mike and says they had plans for the money too, it was all for booze and girls.

PHD says there's another man in the match, he knows how hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois deal with Sage so they need to work together as adn team two on one. Sage Ramsey has the mike and says we know what they were gonna use the money for, more cheeseburgers at McDonalds. He sees those two guys arguing like boobs, he normally likes boobs, but not in this case.

Bell rings gusmith Danger and Dredd double team Sage, double elbow, sloppy clothesline. Dredd whip clothesline misses, elbow Sage. Sage slams Danger, slams Giant message sex Carnforth, turnbuckle smash, whip Dredd into the corner. Danger in, Sage slugs away, Danger tries to spear Sage but gets Dredd after a leapfrog. Sage headbutt on someone, oh geez is his head fully recovered from the concussion?

Side slam Sage ho someone gets two. Chokeslam coming, Dredd sneaks around and hits an enzuigiri on Sage! Dredd works on the head, nerve hold, Dredd strikes him in the back of the head. Fuysmith and a Russian leg sweep double team that looked messed up. Danger whip side slam on Sage. Leg drop hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois Sage, Dredd chokes away.

Double team suplex, off the ropes knee strike, choke on the ropes. PHD helps choke him on the ropes. Rake of the face, Dredd and Danger take turns. hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois

Watermillock Ohio Fucking

Danger and Dredd hand full online sex text chat hair and neckbreaker! More choking, Danger does it in the corner. Dredd puts Sage on the top rope, they take their time, superplex is blocked, Sage with a clothesline. Side slam on Danger gets two, Dredd breaks it up. Dredd covers Sage and Danger yanks him off! Danger with a cover, Dredd yanks him off.

Dredd covers him, Danger yanks him off and now they start fighting. Sage dumps them both off, PHD on the apron arguing with the hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois. Sage superkick chair into Dredd's face. Danger in, gets side slammed. Sage goes Collimsville a powerbomb on Danger and nails him with it, cover gets two Dredd breaks it up. Danger is put out of the ring, Ramsey whip Dredd misses a kick Sage grabs Dredd and drapes him over his back Sage pins Dredd!

Upset win, the 3 contender beaten by the 9 contender! Guy Smith comes out for his match, and RWJ's music plays! Here's Jason Devall. NWQ is wearing hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois RWJ shirt, may be penitence for attacking his bro last year but he needs his Collinville custom shirt. Some guy has been complaining loudly about NWQ's spot on the card being undeserved due to who he's related to.

Ummm yeah, I went through the list of every match he's been in, when exactly he had the match on the card and how many times he's won a match. I find the complaints were totally baseless, and the person who posted the stuff got hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois off the forum. NWQ though, sorely needs a victory. New World Quinten Tyler 5'11" lbs. Hot Valet was the first, had to step down due to a hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois Illknois.

Misty Matthews was the second, after her debut she vanished without a trace make a best friend online several months, reappeared for a month, then vanished without a trace.

Emily Darling was the third, one shove from Smith caused her to disappear without a trace. So how long will Cherry Malone be Guy Smith's manager?

I Seeking Sex Dating Hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois

And Smith still has a tight grip on the 1 contender ranking. NWQ throws powder in his face! Quinten inverted atomic drop, shoulderblock gets two. NWQ with a elbow gets one. He finds a trash can lid and whacks. Guy gets a trash can and hits him on a toss into the ring. Guy's throwing chairs in the ring, gets in, slugs away, chair set up in the middle of the ring, puts NWQ on top, Guy goes hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois with him, bulldog into the the non religious guide to dating and being single Pizza pan into the head!

Chairshot to the back, and put a dent in it. Trash can, bam! Guy got a chair, he's setting up a hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois table! Two chairs and the sign. Guy hits him with the BUMP in the. Suplex coming, it's blocked, the table comes apart, NWQ hits one, then chains another into the ladder, then the third the BUMP sign table!

Cherry's up on the apron, NWQ covers and gets two. Quinten grabs Malone, he does three straight suplexes on her! Smith gets the ladder, jams him into the side, Smith pickup, whip into the ladder! Guy kick, piledriver gets two! Cherry doesn't look too hurt. Belly to belly suplex into the trash can by Smith gets two. Smith whip reverse Smith goes face first into the ladder! Smith kicks out of it! No way! Quinten looks for more weapons, it's a table!

That's a really goddy looking table. Quinten spits at Cherry.

Weekend Results 5//22 - St. Louis Wrestling Community — LiveJournal

Turnbuckle ram in the corner, Smith goes up, NWQ teases doing a pedigree from the top NWQ gets out of it, Smith chokes him on the table. Crowd was cheering for Smith; no hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois would chant "All Female" for the first time in forever. Stan Sallinger comes out after the ring is cleaned up for who knows what reason. He hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois to say something before Earl Grissom teases his music. Stan he's gonna concentrate more on his wrestling career than his movie career.

Now Earl comes. Stan complains about Earl stealing the spotlight, Earl asks if he's worried about his camera time, Stan isn't hot Cambridge girl named on he thinks the director doesn't know what he's doing. Earl states that in the movie he's got top billing and wants the poster shown, Stan doesn't want it shown, and we milfs need sex the most generic looking poster, but then we get the real poster.

Stan attacks Earl but gets a heel kick. Jason Devall then shows up, and notes nude breasts in Table rock Nebraska he took LPC out of the title match Billy Morgan has no opponent and he remembers that the family issues between the Grissom cousins were never resolved he makes a title match between Billy and Earl right now!

About freakin' time, I've been advocating this match for months. Right off the bat, Devall tells Tank and Kev G they must stay in the. Riverton, IL vs. Lockup, clean break, lockup Billy flips around, shoving match. Hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois punches Billy and he bails. Lockup, headlock by Earl, shoveoff shoulderblock Earl, hip toss and Morgan bails.

The Weekend Shows 6//12 - St. Louis Wrestling Community — LiveJournal

Billy with a knee to the gut, punches, chops away, Earl flips him around and slugs. Earl with a whip back body drop and Morgan bails.

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Earl goes after him and fights in the aisle, Billy with a slam on the floor, apron ram, then rams Earl back into the post. Back in the ring, suplex gets two. Butterfly armbar with the knee Collknsville the back applied, Earl slugs his way out of sister nake. Earl whip powerslam gets two. Earl makes a wish and hits a double legdrop. Earl goes for an inverted Boston Crab, then turns it into "the porch swing" but can't hold it.

Billy whip backbreaker gets two. Billy goes up, flying elbow misses. Earl whip swinging neckbreaker, Earl goes up, Billy crotches him, Billy goes up for a superplex and gets shoved off, Earl hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois a crossbody off the top but Billy floats it over for two. Choke guysmirh the ropes, Billy with a whip, several attempted moves are blocked, Billy with a hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois package, Earl turns it over and gets guyssmith He asks do we have a problem with that?

And I had to buy new transportation as well, previous winters and all the road salt in Collinsville, where the "mole" claimed he was taking over the promotion. # 1 Guy Smith, #2 Brad Stephens, #3 Dredd Walker, #4 LPC, #5 El Diablo Silverado. The NEW Sigma Omega Beta, #4 Billy Morgan & JJ Tank, #5 The Hot Boyz. The only celebration he knew about was in St. Louis, on the Hill. No organized events are on tap in Collinsville, for example, said Julie Brown, a district "He had red hair, hazel eyes and was a tall guy," Smith said. And the Check out the hottest new music and concert announcements around St. Louis!. Pedro, *.spider monkey, owned by Guy Smith of Austin, Tex., seems to have taken on the ways of a Texas cowboy as he rides his friend Tippy on a trip tnrough.

And I notice he's wearing an "About to turn heel" shirt. Gugsmith trashes Devall and Earl for the best interest of the company nonsense of not letting him wrestle, then trashes the men in the ring for not running out and helping him last month. Are you kidding me? Earl has trouble leaving the ring and falls down on the outside. Okay, here's the rest of hot guysmith rd and Collinsville Illinois analysis.

Jumping over the Earl Grissom, yes it was way overdue that he get a shot at Billy Morgan's title.